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Date: 14th May 2016
Wifi Jammer Circuit
Mini Portable WiFi Signal Jammer - Up to 10 Meters Shielding Radius?If you have some private personal information you do not want others know or some confidential behaviors,Website:, then using this portable WIFI jammer is our recommendation.At the first sight of this item, you may think it a cell phone. Please do not be confused, it?s a mini WIFI jammer. Advanced performance and easy installation will attract many people.Putting this WIFI jammer in your pocket, you can be protected from being eavesdropped and videotaped.This item can shield all 2.4G wireless signal transmission equipment, including WIFI, Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless eavesdropping and videotaping equipment.Features?effectively shield all 2.4G wireless signal transmission equipments, including WIFI, Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless eavesdropping and videotaping equipment.?Working stably and continuously for a long time?Portable convenience?Can be used widely?Advanced performance and easy installationSpecifications?Primary Function: 2.4G WIFI Jammer?Effective Isolating Diameter: up to 10 meters?Jamming Frequency: 2400-2500MHz?Working Time: 2-3hours?Environment Temperature: -40? to +55??Relative Humidity: 30%-95%?Output Power: 0.5W?Power Source: wall plug or exchangeable batteryProduct Notes?no harm to human bodies?can be used while rechargingPackage Contents?1 x WIFI Jammer?1 x Power charger?1 x Charger cable?1 x Car charger?1 x Li-on batteryProduct Reviews:1. It is a nice jammer for the price and it works perfectly.2. Works great, really fast shipping !3. I like the good quality device.4. Works very well. recieved faster than expected. well worth the price. trustworthy company.5. Good quality. GSM jamming is perfect.6. can be used in Brazil?7. the right one for me, portable, and easy operate
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